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Tucker the Turtle

Educators, parents and grandparents!

Engage young people, the next generation of decision makers, to protect our natural resources by purchasing and reading them The Pests that Girdle the Home of Tucker the Turtle, a children's poetry book written by the Potomac Highlands Cooperative Weed and Pest Management Area. The book takes you on a journey of Tucker the Turtle and how non-native invasive species are affecting the forests and rivers that he and his friends call home.

Invasive species are a big problem that affects us all, so gather your friends and family and help restore our natural environment!

The purchase of each book helps support two sister Cooperative Weed and Pest Management Areas, the Potomac Highlands and the Rivers and Gorges CWPMAs.

Also available is Fighting Invasive Pests: Tucker the Turtle’s FIELD GUIDE. PlayCleanGo Partners can find the high resolution file to download and print in the Dropbox folder titled “Children's Materials”. Watch for a coloring and activity book to be added to the folder very soon. Pre-printed versions of both publications can be purchased using the PCG order form.

Use all three Tucker the Turtle publications to help kids understand how invasive species threaten the places where we live, and the natural resources that support us all.

Tucker the Turtle with PlayCleanGo signBonus! Help Tucker Travel! Let kids cut out Tucker and take him on the road on their next outdoor adventure. Have them take their picture with him and send it to Tucker at Tuckertheturtle1@gmail.com, perhaps adding a new state or country to the places Tucker has visited.

PlayCleanGo partnered with the United States Forest Service and the Potomac Highlands CWPMA to produce these Tucker the Turtle products. We are grateful for their support.