Support PlayCleanGo By Becoming A Sponsor

As one of the fastest-growing environmental stewardship brands in North America, PlayCleanGo: Stop Invasive Species In Your Tracks provides an incredible opportunity to connect with an ever-expanding and diverse cross section of professionals who protect our natural heritage as well as the outdoor enthusiasts who are out enjoying it. Consider becoming a PlayCleanGo Sponsor to expand your reach and strengthen your image as a steward of our natural resources.

PlayCleanGo Sponsors gain:

  • Improved brand recognition and perception as a brand that gives back;

  • Exposure to potential new clientele;

  • Opportunities to win over customers from competing brands;

  • Higher consumer willingness to purchase your product

PlayCleanGo is partnering with the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA), the Canadian Council on Invasive Species (CCIS) and the Mexican Commission on the Protection and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO) to enhance delivery of PlayCleanGo prevention messaging across the continent. Together the goal is to build PlayCleanGo brand recognition so that it serves as a reminder of the responsibility that each and every one of us has to protect the resources we love. 

To accomplish that goal, CCIS and CONABIO will be launching parallel outreach campaigns in French and Spanish respectively within the next year. NAISMA is taking on fund raising to support efforts to broaden and deepen our partner base among other segments of our audience. Already known nationally for its invasive species occurrence data management standards as well as its weed free forage and weed free gravel certification programs, NAISMA brings a lot of talent and a lot of energy to the table. Working together, the partnerships could greatly expand your reach by increasing brand awareness among our ever-growing list of partner organizations and their members. 

Each fall NAISMA hosts a conference for its members and PlayCleanGo partners. The event includes workshops, breakout sessions, exhibit opportunities, networking, and a webinar and averages 200-300 attendees. All sponsors are invited to attend and are encouraged to consider having a vendor booth at the event. Discounted tickets and booth packages are among the benefits available to our sponsors.

Sponsorship opportunities are outlined below in a series of tiers to fit your marketing budget and objectives. Custom packages can also be arranged if there is something specific that you are looking for.  Use this form to sign up to become a PlayCleanGo Sponsor, or contact PlayCleanGo at to discuss your organization needs.